An Easy Way to Learn Breastfeeding by Zaharah Sulaiman ( Credit to )
, Tengku Alina Tengku Ismail ( Credit to )
, Noraini Mohamad ( Credit to )
, Nazirah Johar ( Credit to )
An Easy Way to Learn Breastfeeding is a breastfeeding infographic book that contains nearly 50 colourful self-explanatory infographics. There are 13 important and essential topics including breastfeeding knowledge and techniques to increase mothers' confidence and motivation to succeed in breastfeeding. The Ministry of Health Malaysia recommends learning these topics to all hospitals and Baby-Friendly Clinics throughout Malaysia, as they are not only suitable for pregnant mothers, but also suitable to be used as a reference after childbirth. In fact, health staff, lactation consultants and lactation counsellors can refer to this breastfeeding infographic book when explaining to mothers the importance of breastfeeding to infants and mothers, milk production and managing common breastfeeding problems such as positioning and attachment problems, breast engorgement and milk insufficiency. A guidebook, An Easy Way to Teach Breastfeeding is a complement to this infographic book.
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