Preparation and Characterization of Formaldehyde-Free Wood Adhesives from Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Fronds Lignin by Mohd. Hazwan Hussin ( Author )
, Siti Baidurah Yusoff ( Author )
, Noraini Abd Samad ( Author )
Phenol formaldehyde (PF) is one of the widely used wood adhesives in the wood industry. The raw materials in the production of phenol formaldehyde resin are petroleum-derived and formaldehyde-based materials which corresponds to public health issues, environmental problems and non-economical costing. In recent years, the increasing price of petrochemical due to energy shortage and environmental problems such as global warming and climate change as results from the burning of fossil fuels have been brought to great public attention. Public health issues related to the emission of formaldehyde-based adhesives in most buildings and constructions, have also been given notice. Thus, lignin phenol glyoxal (LPG) wood adhesives have been formulated by partially replacing phenol with Kraft and organosolv lignins at varying weight percentages. Results showed that 50 % organosolv LPG (OLPG) resin may cure as a stronger, natural, green, cost-effective and sustainable wood adhesive to replace PF resin in the wood industry.
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