User Aspects in Personal Information Management by Masnizah Mohd ( Author )
, Nazlena Mohamad Ali ( Author )
, Mohammad Rustom Al Nasar ( Author )
Personal Information Management (PIM) has become an important topic in the area of information retrieval as it deals with keeping, managing, maintaining, and re-finding personal information. PIM systems are critical for organizing and retrieving information in the performance of personal or professional tasks due to the complexity, value, and volume of information. As such, PIM contributes towards information searching and browsing activities. This book explores personal information management, processes and factors in personal information management, personal information management systems, user assessments in personal information management, and personal information management designs and trends. The value and uniqueness of this book is its comprehensiveness in addressing issues related to PIM by describing its processes, factors, systems, use assessments, designs, and features and how they enhance the information re-finding process. This will benefit any applications or activities involving searching tasks or features. This book offers significant advantages to society as well as software application designers and developers by guiding them on the various processes related to information searching and browsing. The issue of information overload can be minimized through use of the keeping, managing, maintaining, and re-finding personal information processes described in this book
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