Architecture and Heritage Buildings in George Town, Penang by Ahmad Sanusi Hassan ( Author )
, Shaiful Rizal Che Yahaya ( Author )
Colonial buildings and monuments in George Town symbolise new offspring of an architecture style - neoclassical architecture blended with the local style - due to its adjustment to the tropical climate. The establishment of George Town as a port city had changed the landscape of this island from the existed small settlements of traditional fishing villages to colonial settlements. In this exquisite book, the authors welcome you into one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Written in a clear and engaging style, the text includes a wealth of information, and is attractively formatted and enhanced with 143 colorful photographs and illustrations. The book begins with the introduction of George Town as a historic city, and its transformation into one of the world heritage sites. Chapters are then arranged according to building categories. Each provides overview of historical events that influenced the architectural styles of the respective buildings. For anyone interested in architecture, as well as those who are planning to visit this uniquely multicultural heritage city, Architecture and Heritage Buildings in George Town, Penang is an essential reading.
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