Notes on Islam (Free Ebook) by Sir Ahmed Hussain ( Author )
Click "free sample" to read the whole book. No need to purchase. Were we to attempt a summary of important points in Ahmed Hussain’s NOTES ON ISLAM, it might be similar (in no particular order) to this: 1) Christianity and Islam share surprisingly similar messages to their adherents. 2) Islam is not the only true religion; it is simply the “best” of the monotheistic religions. 3) The “spirit” of Islam takes precedence over the “letter” as revealed in the Quran. 4) True Islam is not an extremist religion: it is a moderate religion, seeking the mean between two extremes. Hussain contrasts pure Islam with Muhammadanism, which he says has “forgotten the spirit of Islam and remembers only the letter of its law.” 5) Islam is not a static faith but one that seeks truth not only in past doctrines but in the discoveries of science and philosophy. 6) And, in keeping with the previous point, the guidance of Muhammad in the Quran was intended for a particular people in a particular place and time. Its prohibitions regarding women, for example, was intended to protect women from harm in an environment in which men significantly outnumbered women. First published in 1922, and intended as a guide for people of the faith, NOTES ON ISLAM is also an important resource for anyone seeking insight into this religion whose growing presence in our lives lends an urgency to our understanding its true nature.
Religion & Spirituality Islamic and Al-Quran
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