Basics of Consolidation of Financial Statements (UUM) by Jamaliah Abdul Majid ( Author )
, Siti Seri Delima Abdul Malak ( Author )
, Tan Chee Yu ( Author )
This book, Basics of Consolidation of Financial Statements, presents a step-by-step approach in learning the basics concepts in consolidation of financial statements. Rather than focusing on complex explanations and discussions, this book explains consolidation of financial statements using simple concepts. The book is intended primarily for students who are at the advanced stage of financial accounting and reporting course. To prepare consolidated financial statements, it is essential for students to equip themselves with strong understanding of the basic concepts of consolidation. Therefore, the aim of this book is to provide accounting students with a framework for learning these basic concepts in consolidation. Each chapter of the books offers examples, comprehensive illustrations, exercises and problems for students to tackle at different stages of the consolidation so that the students’ understanding on the concepts and techniques of consolidations is strengthened.
UUM Press
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