Sustainable Building Through The Project Planning Process: The Case of Malaysia by Nor Kalsum Mohd Isa ( Author )
This book covers the concept of sustainable development, sustainable building development and the planning process of a sustainable building project. It offers expert insight into tackling sustainable building projects, specifically during the planning process of the project from the conceptual to design stage, to bring together project team members in developing sustainable buildings within the time and budget. This book includes case studies of a number of sustainable building projects in Malaysia. It also features interviews with the sustainable projects’ key stakeholders as a way to reveals the sustainable project planning process, including the impact of the process towards project success. It also discusses the issues, barriers and suggested relevant strategies to integrated sustainability principles into the project planning process. This book is the most complete overview of sustainable building projects development in Malaysia that every member of the building project stakeholders will find invaluable.
University of Malaya Press
Engineering & Transportation
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