Claims and Refund Policy

Updated: 5 April 2022

In this claims policy:
Platform” means the E-book platform known as “Wonderbuuk”.
“Reader” means a person who purchased or loaned an E-book on the Platform.
“Seller” means a person who published and/or distributed an E-book on the Platform.
“Wonderbuuk Admin” means the administrator of the Platform who manages the content and maintains the functionality of the Platform.

  1. A Reader is able to make a claim relating to the E-book if the content of the E-book does not match the E-book’s description on the Platform (“Claim”) within 3 days of purchase.
  2. a. After 3 days has lapsed from the day of purchase, the “Claim” button in the Reader’s account will be disabled and the Reader will no longer be able to make any Claims through the Platform. The Reader will need to contact the Wonderbuuk Admin at to enable Lemonjar to manually process the Claim.
    b. If the E-book has been purchased by a Reader, the Seller will not be able to change or update the content of the E-book. The Seller will need to write to Lemonjar and request for the right to update the content of the E-book if needed.
  3. Once the Reader makes a Claim, the Claim will need to be verified by Wonderbuuk Admin. Wonderbuuk Admin will check and approve the Claim once it has determined that the Claim is valid as described by the Reader.
  4. Upon approval of the Claim by Wonderbuuk Admin, the Seller will be notified through the Platform that a Claim is being made against the Seller, and the Seller is required to process the Claim.
  5. The Seller will need to check the content of the E-book and edit the description relating to the E-book or modify the contents of the E-book (as the case may be). Once the editing or modification is completed, the Seller will then need to upload the edited and/or modified E-book on the Platform.
  6. a. If the Seller would like to update the content of the E-book, the Seller will need to follow the steps in paragraph 1(b).
  7. Once the Claim has been resolved or rectified, the E-book will be accessible by the Reader on the Platform. In the event the Reader has loaned the E-book, the loan period of the E-book will reset to day 1 and continue for the loan period selected.
  8. If the Seller does not take steps to resolve the Claim within 3 days of receiving the Claim notification on the Platform, Wonderbuuk Admin will step in to process the Claim and proceed to deduct the income of the E-book collected and refund the price of the E-book to the Reader.
  9. If there are complaints by the public or where it is discovered by Wonderbuuk Admin that the content submitted by the Seller contains explicit content, the E-book will be blocked by Wonderbuuk Admin on the Platform for breach of the Seller’s terms and conditions.
  10. In the event of an occurrence of the breach in paragraph 7,
  11. a. The Reader will not be able to make a Claim.
    b. The Seller will not be able to receive the income from the blocked E-book.